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Since 1987, Physicians for a National Health Program has advocated for reform in the U.S. health care system. A large part of our work involves educating health professionals about the benefits of a single-payer system--including fewer administrative costs and affording health insurance for the 46 million Americans who have none. More>


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Senator Karen Keiser's health care reform legislation (a work-in-progress as of 10/24/07)

Don McCanne on state health care reform proposals

Single-Payer office brochure - We professionally printed 2000 copies of a brochure pitching single payer in the context of a health care professional explaining to his/her patient why he/she is in favor of single-payer health insurance. These are available for HCPs to distribute, place in waiting rooms, etc. The shelf life is meant to last through the 2008 election year. Thanks to Sherry Weinberg for her work on this project. If you would like a supply, please request through You can also edit his file, in Word format, to suit your prefered verbage and circumstances.

Tacoma Proposition 1 PNHPWW is supporting Tacoma HC activists in their effort to pass this ballot proposition that states "The City Council proposes to adopt a resolution asking state and federal lawmakers to enact legislation providing access to high-quality health care for all individuals." Link for information -

The movie "Salud," the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) and Ramon Bernal, Seattle's first student at ELAM

We have a copy of the inspiring movie "Salud" that documents Cuba's health care system and particularly focuses on Cuba's committment to train physicians from the Carribean, Central and South America, Africa, and the United States at the free Latin American School of Medicine in Havana, the largest medical school in the world. Students make a commitment to return to their underserved communities after graduation. There are now 110 US student studying at ELAM.

The camera also follows Cuban physicians and nurses to the most remote and medically neglected locations in Haiti, Africa, Venezualia, and elsewhere as they live, serve, and bring new hope to people never before in touch with medical care. In some cases the countrys' medical establishments opposes their services but they are welcomed by the governments. It's awesome and motivating to see what can be done when a society commits to serve those in greatest need, regardless of its own resources.
Leave a message at to reserve a copy of the DVD. We are considering renting a local movie theater to show this film as a fundraising event.

The first class of US students graduating after 6 years of study at ELAM

Ramon Alejandro Bernal just left for Havana, becoming the first student from Seattle to receive the opportunity for a free medical education at ELAM. PNHPWW has committed to support this outstanding individual as he persues his MD degree and help him find a residency and employment in the Northwest when he returns to serve his community.

US ELAM students and campus model
Ramon (R) and ELAM friends
US Students
(Ramon in green)
We will post reports from Ramon as he progresses. For an account of Ramon's first week in Cuba and ELAM click here. Photos soon.



The PNHP national office is coordinating a campaign to take advantage of the opportunity to advance the cause of health care justice and reform afforded by the high profile opening of Michael Moore's "Sicko" on June 29th. Those who have seen it report a powerful message that the system is broken and the three principles of repair are -

  1. The private insurers have to go;

  2. Everyone has to be insured;

  3. Pharma needs to be regulated.

MM wants to follow through politically and needs health care professionals to buttress him. He does not want to work with anyone with a fall back position that includes private insurers. Sees PNHP and the California Nurses Ass'n as key allies.

The national office has produced a web site,, that has much information of use to organizers and citizens interested in joining the cause. We will passed out leaflets at theater showings - with examples of what people can do, where they can sign up to support of HR676 and HR 1200, join email lists, etc. This is a good time for letters to the editor.

What You Can Do To Help:

*Join the Campaign to Pass HR 676 and HR 1200
by sending an email to We'll keep you posted with important updates and actions

*Sign the Citizens Petition for HR676 and HR 1200
Add your name to the growing list of American citizens who want real health care reform

*Lobby your members of Congress
Tell your representatives that you support HR 676 and HR 1200 and they should too. You can use this email form or - better yet - call their office

*Write an Op-Ed or Letter to the Editor
You can find tips, templates and examples by clicking here

*Speak out about the single-payer solution
Educate yourself about single-payer using the resources & materials available on materials and talk to your church, labor, community or other group about the singlepayer solution. We have downloadable slideshows you can use for a presentation and sample resolutions your group can endorse

Click here for an outline of the new PNHP National Campaign Plan.

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