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Since 1987, Physicians for a National Health Program has advocated for reform in the U.S. health care system. A large part of our work involves educating health professionals about the benefits of a single-payer system--including fewer administrative costs and affording health insurance for the 46 million Americans who have none. More

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Going on the Offensive for Single Payer in 2017

Carol Paris, MD
President, Physicians for National Health Program
Skyped in from Nashville, Tennessee

For this meeting, we were fortunate to have Dr. Carol Paris, the new President of PNHP (see brief bio below), talk with us about opportunities to more froward towards single payer health care reform in these times of grave peril to our health threatened by the new administrtion and Congress.

Dr. Paris is a recently retired psychiatrist who worked for more than 25 years in private practice, community mental health, prison psychiatry, and academia. In the course of her experience, much of which was in Maryland, she became an outspoken critic of the private-insurance-based U.S. health care system. In May 2009, she and seven others stood up, one by one, at a U.S. Senate Finance Committee hearing on health care reform chaired by Sen. Max Baucus to ask why there wasn’t a single advocate for single-payer health care on the 41-member panel. In an action that received national media attention, Baucus had all eight peaceful protesters, including Dr. Paris, arrested. (Charges were eventually reduced, requiring only community service.) Dr. Paris subsequently toured the country as part of the “Mad as Hell Doctors” campaign for single payer, and spent a year as a consultant psychiatrist in New Zealand, where she experienced a single-payer system firsthand. She currently resides in Nashville, Tenn., where her primary interests include strategic activism, recruiting and mentoring medical students and early career physicians for leadership positions within PNHP, and building coalitions to strengthen the single-payer movement’s impact on the national health care debate. Dr. Paris obtained her medical degree from West Virginia University School of Medicine.

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Future Events:

Save the Date - PNHPWW Annual Public Meeting - Saturday, April 29th


Saturday, April 29th is the date for our 12th PNHPWW Annual Public Meeting. It will be at 7:00pm in Kane Hall on the UW Campus. We are excited to announce that George Lakey, an iconic figure in the non-violent resistance movement over the last 50 years will be our main speaker. Recently, George wrote a very timely article on the current turmoil surrounding the new Trump administration, that deals with an offensive positions on social justice issues, including on health care reform - "A 10-Point Plan To Stop Trump And Make Gains In Justice And Equality

George Lakey was co-founder of Training for Change and directed the group for 15 years before retiring.  He has led 1,500 workshops on five continents, taught peace studies at colleges and universities, and authored seven books on nonviolent social change, peace, and organizational development. A Quaker, he co-founded and led numerous organizations and campaigns for justice and peace.


He has led activist organizations on local, state, national, and international levels. In the late 1950s, Lakey was active in the ban-the-bomb movement. His first time arrested in 1963 was during a civil rights movement sit-in in the South. The following year he was a trainer for Mississippi Freedom Summer and co-authored his first book, A Manual for Direct Action, which was widely used by the movement. In 1966 he co-founded the Quaker Action Group and to protest the war he traveled to Vietnam in 1967 to participate in the sailing ship Phoenix's action seeking to give medical supplies to the suffering Vietnamese and anti-war Buddhist movement there.

He also refined the practice of experiential training for activists which he calls "Direct Education". His writing and workshops teach how to increase the effectiveness of nonviolent social movements. 

In 1973 George came out in public as a gay man and joined the LGBT movement and became part of Gay Liberation's early visionary days.

While in Seattle, George will conduct a workshop aimed at developing skills to build resistance to the Trump administration agenda. This will be all-day Sunday, April 30th, hosted by the Backbone Campaign at the Vashon Island facility where they aspire to establish a new Headquarters and a permanent NW Change Agent Training Center. It is a former hostel on 10 beautiful, quiet acres bordering a land trust forest with pond and trails.  The facility has indoor sleeping for as many as 45 people as well as camping for larger gatherings. Send us an email for info if you would like to consider participating.

The rest of the PNHPWW Annual Public meeting program and other weekend events will be announced in a week or so.



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